ZAGROS — feature film

While Zagros, a young Kurd, is herding his sheep in the mountains, his pregnant wife Havin is accused of infidelity by her in-laws. In a culture where that is as good as a death sentence, she flees to Belgium together with her nine-year-old daughter Rayhan. Convinced of her innocence and confident that they can build a new life together, Zagros smuggles himself to the West to join them. But when Zagros' father arrives and moves in with them he successfully plants the poisonous seeds of doubt as to Havin's fidelity in his son's mind.

Directed by Sahim Omar Kalifa
Written by Sahim Omar Kalifa & Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
Produced by A Private View, Man's Films & Viking Film
Info: Belgium - 2017
Status: completed

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