An old hermit who isolated himself for years from civilisation finds a half-naked young man and takes him into his house. The young man refuses to speak but still a connection grows between them. When the police comes to the door, the old man discovers that his guest killed someone. He is faced with a heartbreaking decision. What to do with the murderer in his house? 

Directed and written by Kristof Hoornaert
Produced by Fobic Films
Info: 110min - Belgium - 2018
Status: completed

World premiere and in competition at Film Fest Gent 2017
First features competition at Black Nights Film Festival 2017

Now in theatres:
Brussel: Flagey, Cinema Galeries
Gent: Sphinx Cinema
Antwerpen: Cartoon's
Brugge: Cinema Lumière
Leuven: Cinema ZED

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