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Music in films and series is too often written off as mere background music.     
However, high-quality screen music contributes to the success of these audio-visual projects. 

Post Bills PR strongly believes in the impact of original scoring and maximises the visibility of the composer’s artistic work through content driven approaches and promotional strategies.

Post Bills PR works closely with the composer and creative team of the project to translate their goals into a successful PR campaign.

We are multilingual communicators and innovative social networkers, experienced as international event planners and with a strong European based professional network. 


  • Based in Brussels, the heart of Europe
  • Presence at European film festivals
  • Content driven approach
  • Looking for right tone of communication for all PR materials towards agents,
    programmers, labels, promotors, press & several audiences
  • Audience engagement from development phase onwards
  • International network for outreach to several target audiences
  • International network of producers
  • PR for series/film projects & screen composers under one roof


  • Screen composers
  • Music supervisors
  • Film music events
  • Record labels