— OST by Nainita Desai



  1. Main Titles
    2. Butterfly Metamorphosis
    3. Fire Salamander
    4. Lynx Cubs
    5. Autumn
    6. Piatra Ridge
    7. Lynx In Winter

Nainita Desai during a recording session.

Nainita Desai during a recording session.

ABOUT untamed romania

After its world premiere at the prestigious Transylvania Film Festival, Untamed Romania quickly turned into Romania's most successful non-fiction film in 2018. It is an epic cinematic adventure, which celebrates Romania’s astounding natural beauty and diversity and also alerts people to protect the creatures and respect the habitats that are Romania’s wondrous wild treasures. From the Danube Delta to the Carpathian forests, this is the first feature length documentary of its kind that explores Romania’s incredibly rich wildlife and diverse landscapes, perfectly illustrated by Nainita Desai's music, who was able to bring out the emotions of both nature and its wonderful animals.


Nainita Desai about her work :
"Working with director Tom-Barton Humphries was an incredible fruitful experience and I was allowed a lot of creative freedom. Thankfully our creative visions were aligned!

The brief was to write a thematic score that was lyrical with the use of melodic themes to pull the film together – something that is not so common these days in contemporary film & TV scoring. It had to evoke the magical fairytale mysterious feel of Transylvania and its mystical forests and folklore, that can be heard in the fire salamander scene that harks back to ancient legends. 
I wanted to take the viewer on an emotional journey throughout the film.
Hearing my music brought to life by BBC National Orchestra of Wales, one of the best orchestras in the United Kingdom, was a marvelous feeling."


Working at the forefront of a new wave of artists, Nainita is a BAFTA BREAKTHROUGH BRIT and has scored countless bespoke TV series and film scores for all the major broadcasters from the BBC to HBO to ITV and C4. She is a Music+Sound Award 2016 winner for Best Feature Film Score, RTS West Award 2019 Nominee for BBC series Extraordinary Rituals and Asian Women of Achievement Nominee for Arts+Culture 2019.

She studied the sitar, piano, guitar, tabla, singing and violin. Her passion for music technology led to her working as a freelance music engineer with many top artists and bands.

Nainita’s musical foundations are rooted in documentary where she has forged an enviable reputation, working with leading film makers on numerous projects that have garnered OSCAR, BAFTA, EMMY awards and nominations, including her latest US release FOR SAMA which has just won the documentary feature prize at SXSW.
She has proven her versatility time and again and embraces every score with a unique creative approach.

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