— by Frans Bak



1. 1st Movement (07:41)
2. 2nd Movement (05:06)
3. 3rd Movement (07:29)
4. 4th Movement (08:10)


Composer Frans Bak on the story behind this intriguing project: 
’I have worked with Danish Director Birger Larsen from his first movie, 'Dance of The Polar bears' (1990) until his last, 'The Reunion' (2016). 

In 2001 we collaborated on our first crime project, 'Wallander - The Fifth Woman', a 4-piece TV show for Swedish television. This led to many more crime series and movies, 'The Killing' amongst others.
Taking on this type of projects, was a new step for us, as we had done mainly family related movies until then. Birger wanted to try a new approach to the genre and also in the music. We worked with the editor Jacob Thuesen, whom proposed us some ideas concerning the music, which at that point was totally new to us.

 He asked me to compose a couple of long pieces of music – searching the dark side – and then he would use them in his editing. So I did. 

We were offered 2 days of recording with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The only problem was this was way before the editing was finished, so we had no picture to work with.

 We wouldn’t miss this great opportunity so we decided to record these long dark pieces. At that time I had a close relationship with Ture Larsen, who helped with the orchestration of these pieces. He did such a great job, and Birger and I went to Stockholm to record September 10-11-2001. It turned out to be a extraordinary session. The orchestra was on fire and we decided to work late on the first day so we could finish the recordings. 
The next morning we woke up and saw the two planes crash into the World Trade Center, and the world changed.


So many things happened in the next period and the music for this project changed a lot too. It happened many times that I listened to the music from this session, wanting to bring it to life again somehow. Last year I started working with the experimental electronic artist Spejderrobot, and invited him to participate in this. 

We split the recordings into 4 movements and I felt Spejderrobot brought it to life, and into a new world, adding his very personal sound to the project.

 Together with my musical partner Keld Haaning Ibsen, we now have finalized this, and are very proud to present this work.’