— OST by Tin Soheili



  1. Main Titles
    2. Butterfly Metamorphosis
    3. Fire Salamander
    4. Lynx Cubs
    5. Autumn
    6. Piatra Ridge
    7. Lynx In Winter


Danish music award-nominee and multi-instrumentalist Tin Soheili has left his mark on the international music and film scene, having composed and produced film scores for more than 150 productions worldwide, also co-composing under the alias greatmusic.

Besides scoring for film, Soheili has toured extensively as a musician, in the past years with critically acclaimed and Grammy-longlisted Pakistani/Danish quintet Rocqawali, whose second release was produced by legendary Mark Howard (Neil Young/Bob Dylan/Daniel Lanois/R.E.M.). Furthermore, Tin Soheili has composed for theatre and dance including several modern ballet pieces by choreographer Pernille Garde.

He masters various string instruments, such as the sitar, oud, saz, setar, ronroco, mandolin and dilruba and underwent classical orchestration training with Danish composer Anders Brødsgaard.

Tin Soheili’s latest film scores include the music for Bo Tengberg’s drama Wonderful Copenhagen, for Made in Bangladesh, a French/Danish drama by Rubaiyat Hossain due for release in spring 2019 and for the acclaimed documentary We Could be Heroes, directed by Hind Bensari and awarded with the Top Jury Prize for Best International Documentary at the 2018 edition of Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. The film was longlisted for an Academy Award.


Selected at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Made in Bangladesh is the story of a Dhaka woman who attempts to organise a resistance with her garment factory co-workers, in this piercing indictment of exploitative labour practices and the global trade apparatus supporting them.

With her third feature-length, director & film festival veteran Rubaiyat Hossain aspires to present 'the women behind the label'. Hossain has previously written and directed the features Meherjaan and Under Construction. Made in Bangladesh is her latest film. As a women's rights activist, her deep knowledge of the field has given a true authenticity to the movie.


Composer Tin Soheili composed the original score for Hossain's newest social drama. From the beginning, TIn and Rubaiyat both agreed that the geographical origins should not be the main source of inspiration for the music: "I wanted to avoid endowing the score with geographical heritage, yet I wanted to give our main character, Shimu, a voice, another layer to her contradictory personality," says Tin Soheili.

Composer Tin Soheili about how he started composing for Made in Bangladesh and in particular for the main character's strong personality:

"I usually like to dig into the characters and therefore I watch the edit many times - the eyes of the players, their chemistry, their ways of dealing with life, their behavior, the tone of their voices - before I even touch an instrument. I mostly do work very intuitively and hear the theme inside my head before it is in my fingers, transcending into a melody, timber or a soundscape.
Shimu is strong, lonely, brave, fragile, a house wife, a career woman, struggling to make ends meet. The colour palette of her personality is quite diverse. While watching the opening sequence, I started to hear the main ideas for
Shimu's theme. Although the musical approach is minimalistic, the theme is full of contradictions."

"The balance of the thematic score and the actual drama was one of the main challenges when creating the music.
Sometimes, a simpler approach enhances the characters more clearly, in particular in this project where all actors are 'real people', coming from the slums, often with very little actual knowledge of the craft. At times they come across as very realistic and compelling and during those moments there is very little need for any score."

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