— OST by Eloi Ragot


1. Lost Souls (02:30)
2. The Bastin Brothers (02:33)
3. Tino & Claudine (01:25)
4. Love Triangle (02:53)
5. You think I'm crazy, don't you? (02:05)
6. People don't change (02:15)
7. Betrayal (02:52)
8. I see things that don't exist (01:50)
9. Graffiti (00:55)
10. I had the dream again (01:48)
11. Bottom of the Pool (03:22)
12. On the other Side (05:58)


After the enormous success of the first season of The Break in 2016, the team behind this internationally acclaimed 'Belgian Noir' series brings you now the long-expected second season. French composer Eloi Ragot again provides the musical universe for the intense thriller series set, again, in the Belgian Ardennes.

The dark crime story, starring detective Yoann Peeters and shot in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, not only received raving reviews, but also won the 'Best French-Speaking series' award at the prestigious 'Series Mania' in Paris. ‘The Break’ was distributed in several countries before being internationally distributed by Netflix. 

For the second season, the story is again set in a small village deep down the Ardennes region. Dr. Orban (the psychiatrist who took care of Yoann Peeters in the first season) has a new patient and asks Yoann Peeters for help. The latter remains rather reluctant to the idea as he is no longer a cop and made himself the promise never to investigate again.


Just as for the first season of the series, composer Eloi Ragot again got involved right after the script of its second season was completed. The unique 'collaboration-from-conception-phase' workflow between the composer and the three creators of the show provides the mysterious musical universe the series deserves.

Eloi Ragot about the collaboration with the creative team:
’For season 2 again, I was involved from a very early stage onwards. With the script as my main source of inspiration, I started to write music before shooting. I like to read the scripts as they are so pure, they are the motor of the project. In a later stage of the production process , those scripts are being interpreted in many different ways by the actors and cinematographers that some core initial ideas sometimes get lost. As the show is constantly changing moods, between the serious investigation to some quirky humor or more emotional scenes, the creators asked me to write a huge number of themes in different genres. Those themes were the basis for our endless conversations and feedback sessions, until we felt the music was giving the necessary amount of depth tot he picture and was carrying the character's emotions at the same time.’

Being an integral atmospheric element to the series, the disturbing and intense score does not necessarily need images to recall the anxious world of 'The Break'.

Eloi Ragot states:  
’There is so much music in 'The Break' that the show wouldn't be the same without its score. To me, the series' soundtrack is this intense and immersive element that pushes the viewer on the other side of the screen and makes him feel whatever Yoann Peeters sees and thinks. The sound of the score itself is rather unique as I designed most of the electronic sounds and instruments myself. In particular for season 2, I used several processing techniques with samples containing cries of animals or disturbing sounds such as broken neon lights or chalks on a chalkboard.’