— OST by Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen

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  1. Main Titles
    2. Butterfly Metamorphosis
    3. Fire Salamander
    4. Lynx Cubs
    5. Autumn
    6. Piatra Ridge
    7. Lynx In Winter


Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen is a French film music composer who works and lives in Paris. She started to practice music at the age of 6 in Michel Perrin’s viola class.
She studied writing, orchestrating and mixing at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris with famous teachers such as Isabelle Duha, Marie-Jeanne Serero or Pascal Benard.

Anne-Sophie started her career as a film music orchestrator for different composers : Alexandre Desplat (Marius, Tales of Tales, De Rouille et d'Os), Jerôme Rebotier (Un illustre Inconnu, Sahara), Philippe Rombi (La nouvelle guerre des boutons). Since 2009 she has been working with Armand Amar creating additional music, arrangements and orchestrations for several films.

Anne-Sophie composed many additional scores, for example Nicolas Vanier’s The school of life, as well as Christian Duguay’s A bag of marbles, Gilles de Maistre’s Mia & the white lionor Radu Mihaileanu’s The history of love. She also wrote songs for François Velle’s TV series (Maman à tort, Jusqu'au dernier and Une chance de trop), as well as for Rodrigo Bernado’s romantic comedy Maybe a Love Story.

She composed the music to her first long feature in 2011 for Jérôme Le gris’ Requiem for a killer with Mélanie Laurent and Clovis Cornillac. Producer Michèle Ray-Gavras asked her to compose the original soundtrack for Rayhana’s I still hide to smoke, Grand Price winner at the Mediterranean film festival. She also composed many scores for documentary movies (Devil's Dog, Terres Extrêmes), and collaborated to create several scores for TV movies.


Selected in the Out of Competition section at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Nicolas Bedos' new movie La Belle Epoque follows Victor, a disillusioned sexagenarian, who sees his life changing the day an entrepreneur offers him to plunge back into the time of his choice. Victor decides to relive the greatest moment of his life, his encounter with what his called his 'True Love'.


Since 2016, Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen has been working with director Nicolas Bedos, with whom she arranged the music for his first film, Monsieur & Madame Adelman. In 2017 she co-composed the music for the opening ceremony of the 'Molières', which was presented by Nicolas Bedos.

For the original music to La Belle Epoque, the collaboration started before shooting. Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen explains: “Before shooting, Nicolas invited me to visit the set, so I could soak up the '70 atmosphere he imagined for La Belle Epoque. The hotel room, the bistro, the streets: we were able to do our first meeting right in the heart of the film and feel what could be the tones and musical atmosphere. For Nicolas It was necessary to start editing the film with samples of our original score, rather working with temp music.”

Their wish for the film's composition was to have at hand two kinds of musical 'families': the first one called “classicals” with an ostinato motif for bassoons and bass clarinets in the bass line; themes by brass instruments and a small string ensemble. The second kind of music is centered around a "ballad" theme with drums, bass instruments, clarinets, guitars and bass guitar, as a reference to independent American cinema.

Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen  (credit Pierre Versnaeyen)

Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen (credit Pierre Versnaeyen)