— OST by Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz

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1. Ukraine
2. Mr Jones
3. Moscow
4. London

about the composer

Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz has previously scored major projects such as In Darkness (Academy Awards nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film) and Spoor (premiered at Berlinale 2017 where it won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize) by Agnieszka Holland. He has also scored the music for many TV & theatre projects (HBO and Lionsgate TV) and won several awards including the European Film Music Trophy Young Talent Award for Winterreise, the Best Original Music Award for the film Clair Obscur in the National Competition at the 2017 Istanbul Film Festival. Most recently, Antoni was honoured with an individual achievement award for his original scores for feature films The Butler directed by Filip Bajon and Werewolf directed by Adrian Panek, as part of the 43rd Polish Film Festival.


Academy Award nominee Agnieszka Holland (Europa Europa, Spoor, In Darkness) brings to the screen the extraordinary untold story of Gareth Jones, an ambitious young Welsh journalist who travelled to the Soviet Union in 1933 and uncovered the appalling truth behind the Soviet “utopia” and Stalin’s regime. Initially a regular news investigation, Jones’ quest quickly turned into a life-or- death journey.. helping inspire George Orwell’s famous allegory Animal Farm.


For Mr. Jones, Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz created an intriguing orchestral score, illustrating the difficult journey the film's protagonist is undertaking and the atrocities he discovers:
The harshness and rawness of the story translated into a whole array of esthetic and stylistic choices for me as a composer. My aim was to create a visceral sensation of anxiety and an anticipation of horror. 

Our main character, the journalist Gareth Jones, travels into the heart of darkness, reaching a point, at which his attempts at rationalizing or understanding the human evilness and cruelty will fail. He is a sensitive and compassionate individual, which detaches and alienates him from the dehumanized world he lives in. 

I wanted to emphasize his sense of alienation, both in the superficially civilized world of Western Civilization, and in the killing fields of Ukraine. Hence my choice of brutal, mechanical orchestral motives, overlapping rhythms, and deconstructed melodies. There is life and emotion hidden at the very bottom of this music, but it will barely ever come to the surface. It is an unforgiving tale, in which Gareth Jones plays the role of an ignored and ridiculed prophet, and I put all means at my disposal to help the viewer look at the reality through his eyes.

“Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz provides music alternately moody and propulsive in a vaguely Glass-ian mode, while the austere cinematography and imposing, sometimes monumental design make the most of Ukrainian and Scottish locations.” The Screen Daily