— OST by Hannes De Maeyer


1. Main Theme (02:30)
2. Lou and the Herd (01:06)
3. Swamp (04:05)
4. Connection (00:55)
5. Happy Life in Immenhof (00:45)
6. Letter (01:30)
7. Beach (00:58)
8. Selling Food (01:09)
9. Krümel (00:30)
10. Father’s Jacket (00:49)
11. Transferring Holly (01:51)
12. Olympic Medal (00:41)
13. Breaking Into the Stables (01:48)
14. Freeing Holly (01:08)
15. Lou is Sad (01:03)
16. Cagliostro Escapes (00:40)
17. Videos of Her Father (03:21)
18. Training Cagliostro (01:09)
19. Kiss (00:53)
20. Going to Mallinckroth (00:55)
21. Second Chance (01:32)
22. Training Succeeded (01:04)
23. Building Up to the Race (02:33)
24. Race (01:47)
25. Fixing the Problem (01:31)
26. Holly is Pregnant (03:00)
27. We Meet Again (01:47)


Sharon von Wietersheim’s long-awaited family film Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers, tells the story of three sisters, sixteen year old Lou, Charly who is in her early twenties and Emmie who is a mere child.  After the death of their father, they have to try and run the family's horse farm between them. The sisters have to overcome all manner of adversity in order to keep their beloved farm.

Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers is already preceded by several films taking place at this horse farm, the first one being Die Mädels vom Immenhof in 1955, followed by 4 others before ZDF produced an entire Immenhof TV series in the 90s.


For the original score for Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers, Hannes De Maeyer delivers a good old nostalgic symphonic score which, at certain moments, is alternated with jazzy & pop cues. The original music was recorded by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra and soloists Pallieter Van Buggenhout on guitar, Bram Raeymaekers on drums and Thibaut Talpe on upright bass.

Composer Hannes De Maeyer about creating the original score for Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers :

"Collaborating with Sharon was a real pleasure! As a director she is able to communicate her ideas and thoughts in a very sensitive way, which resulted into genuine scenes. 
On the one hand, we went for a classic orchestral score, combined with synths, in order to emphasize the grandeur and emotionality of the film. In addition, for a selection of other scenes, we elaborated a rather smaller jazzy/pop acoustic sound, containing a touch of tenderness. The main Immenhof theme for instance, recurs several times, but in different ways : grandiose in the Main Theme, rather mournful in Lou Is Sad or Videos of Her Father or uplifting in Lou and the Herd or We Meet Again."

Director Sharon von Wietersheim about the collaboration with Hannes De Maeyer :

"Hannes did such a terrific job, delivering a wonderful score for Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers, that I would never want to work with any other composer again!"

Listen to Hannes de Maeyer on The Annotator.

Recording session in Budapest.

Recording session in Budapest.