— OST by Hannes De Maeyer



1. I’m a Motherfucking Gangsta (04:43)
2. Piza Delivery (01:10)
3. Port Break - In (01:33)
4. Security Are on Their Way (01:24)
5. Adamo’s Flashback (01:32)
6. Antwerp Coke Capital (02:54)
7. Tangier Race (00:39)
8. Badia Loves Adamo? (01:19)
9. Hassan Kamikaze (00:57)
10. Back in Belgium (00:56)
11. Wrath (04:08)
12. Crooked Cops (03:28)
13. Amsterdam Shootout (04:46)
14. The End? (01:57)
15. Kidnapped (02:50)
16. On the Run (02:33)
17. Miserere Mei, Deus (Gangsta Remix) (01:47)
18. Yasser (01:55)
19. Life Is Not a F*****g Video Game (03:07)
20. Gangsta Teaser (00:56)


Gangsta tells the crazy story about four friends living at 't Kiel in Antwerp, dreaming of living their life as Tony Montana in Scarface. Living the good life with Montana in Scarface. Living the good life with their fast cars, huge villa's, lots of bling bling and...respect.


After ‘Black & Image’, directors Adil & Bilall again collaborated with Hannes De Maeyer for the original score of Gangsta.

Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah on working with Hannes De Maeyer: ‘Hannes De Maeyer is our brother. Together, we made our very first programme, as well as all of our films ‘Image’, ‘Black’ and ‘Gangsta’. Through his music, he has the unique capacity to fully match our vision and elevate the quality of our films to a much higher level. For ‘Gangsta’ we were looking for an 80s sound that reminded us of the cool films and videogames from that period. The score turned out to be exciting music, full of emotion. ‘Gangsta’ would never be as successful without Hannes’ music. The score Hannes wrote for our film is next level shiiiiiit!’

Hannes De Maeyer about composing the original score:
‘Collaborating with Adil & Bilall is always very rewarding. They not only have a clear vision on all aspects of their film and therefore also on how the music should sound, but they also give me tons of energy. Concerning the music of ‘Gangsta’, we were looking for a combination of typical 80s elements and rather contemporary influences. In preparation, I listened a lot to the most diverse sounds: from iconic 80s film scores, to contemporary film and electronic music as well as lots of game music, and I've fully immersed myself into the atmosphere and vibes that this type of music evokes. I also counted on the help of synthesizer wizard Yannic Fonderie, who possesses just about every hardware synth you can possibly imagine. Thanks to the combination of his hardware synth sounds and my software synths, we obtained the perfect mix. The most difficult thing about this score was obtaining a cool 80s vibe without sounding too cheesy or ‘wrong’. Fortunately, Adil & Bilall followed the creation process very closely and together we got to the result we all wanted.’