MOUNTAIN — Feature Film

A devout woman is living with her family in the Jewish cemetery on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. During the day, while her husband and children are at school, she is left alone in the mountain. She goes for walks in the cemetery, trying to escape the endless house work. One night, out of frustration, she storms out of the house climbing the cemetery, running wherever her feet will carry her. To her surprise, she is exposed to an unsettling sexual scene. Stirred by this image, she starts exploring this new realm of the mountain, while trying to keep a normal face during her day-time routing. Until she can't anymore.

Written & directed by Yaelle Kayam
Produced by July August Productions
Co-produced by Windelov/Lassen Productions
Info: 83min - Israel/Denmark - 2016
Status: completed

Winner of the Grand Prix & Don Quijote Award at Fribourg International Film Festival 2016
Winner of the Special Jury Award at San Francisco International Film Festival

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