— composer, musician & music producer

This excerpt shows director Anja Kofmel at work, explaining why she wants to understand what happened to her cousin Chris. The musical theme 'Just like you', composed by MARCEL VAID, represents the theme of Anja as little girl and becomes, as Anja's point of view evolves throughout the film, more abstract towards the end of the film.

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CV (non exhaustive)


2018 Chris The Swiss
2018 Level Up Your Life
2017 Lasst Die Alten Sterben
2016 Girl In Flight
2015 Köpek
2015 Usfahrt Oerlike
2015 Jetzt Oder Nie
2014 The Ninth Cloud
2014 Sitting Next to Zoe
2013 Cherry Pie
2009 Tandoori Love
2009 Wo ist Max?
2007 Zara


2017 The Kongo Tribunal
2017 Double Sentence
2016 Topshots 2017
2016 Die Gewürzroute
2015 The Day the Sun Fell
2015 Topshots 2015
2015 Odyssee Reloaded
2015 Leaving Africa
2015 Au Coeur des Robots
2015 Controlling & Punishment
2015 China Challenge
2015 Der Traum Von Fliegen
2015 Urban Gardening
2012 Bergleben
2009 Goodnight Nobody


2013 The Green Serpent
2013 Dessert
2012 Goal, la Faute à Rousseau
2012 An Meiner Seite
2012 Goal, la Faute à Rousseau
2002 Joshua


Marcel Vaid (SW/DE) works as composer, guitarist and music producer for film and theatre. Until now, Marcel has composed and produced film music for over 70 full-length feature and documentary films. Marcel owns the recording studio LIFT, and is the head of the electro-acoustic experimental collective Superterz.

Marcel mainly produces music for German-language films, but has also composed for international productions, among them Wake Up Running: A Story of Losers by Jane Spencer. One of his latest project is Chris The Swiss by Anja Kofmel, which was selected for the Semaine de la Critique 2018 in Cannes.

Marcel Vaid’s most important goal is to develop an individual language, an individual and discreet soundscape for every film. In the foreground is the motto “Less is more”. An outstanding sound-aesthetical concern is the examination of acoustical instruments and their stereoscopic processing in the computer.
When composing a film soundtrack Marcel takes charge of musical direction, research, production and recording as well as composition and arrangement. He frequently relies on an established host of musicians to help him realise his soundtracks.

For several project, Marcel has collaborated with a wide range of musicians such as Nils Petter Molvaer, Toshinori Kondo, Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS), Rodrigo Gonzales (Die Ärzte), Norbert Möslang (Voice Crack), Marianne Schroeder (John Cage), Lauren Newton (Vienna Art Orchestra), Al Comet (The Young Gods), Burnt Friedman, Jojo Mayer (Nerve), Carlos Zingaro, Damo Suzuki (Can) and Koichi Makigami (Hikashu).

Marcel frequently gives diverse masterclasses and workshops.

Awards & nominations :

2019 : Nomination for the German Documentary Film Music Award at DOK.fest München, for Chris The Swiss
2018 : Nomination for Best Film Score at the Swiss Filmprize Quartz, for Chris The Swiss
2016 : Award for Best Film Score at the Quartz Swiss Film Festival, for The Day the Sun Fell & Nomination in the same category for Köpek
2011 : Nomination for Best Film Score at the International Film Festival of Aubagne, for Goodnight Nobody
2011 : Award for Best Film Score at the Quartz Swiss Film Festival, for Goodnight Nobody
2009 : Award for Best Film Score at the Quartz Swiss Film Festival, for Zara
2009 : Prize winner of Suisa Foundation for Music at the Film Festival of Locarno, for Tandoori Love
2009 : Award for Best Film Music at the International Film Festival La Cabina (Valencia), for Wo Ist Max ?
2003 : Winner for the Best Musical Creation at the Film Festival of Angers, for Joshua

Upcoming projects:

  • Rudolf Geigy, by Stéphane Kleeb

  • Reisegeschichten – Mein Russland, by Roger Brunner, Dave Leins and Lisa Röösli

  • Gateways to New-York, by Martin Witz

  • Al-Shafaq - When Heaven Divides, by Esen Isik

  • South of Hope Street, by Jane Spencer

  • Caveman by Tommasso Landuca

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