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Picture by Francy Fabritz

Picture by Francy Fabritz

Picture by Kai Bechtle

Picture by Kai Bechtle



2019 Kiss Me Before It Blows Up (pre-production)
2017 Tatort - the case Holdt
2016 24 Weeks
2015 Schmidt’s Cat

2018 The Dare 
2017 Pandora
2016 When Demons Die
2014 Salomea’s Nose
2013 Sunny


2018 Rasmus Klump
2015-2019 What do we believe in? (co-composed with Daniel Elias Brenner)


2017 Fake News
2016 Summiteer
2015 Holy Zoo - News from the Old City
2015 What do we believe in?
2014 Huldufolk
2013 Two Mothers


Jasmin Reuter is an international film composer based in Berlin with a multi-instrumentalist background and a strong passion for film and photography.

Her intimate and subtle music plays with vivid layers, integrating mesmerising patterns, light and dark colours, occasionally bearing a touch of sweet melancholy. Jasmin’s fresh use of ensemble combinations - ranging from small to orchestral - allows her to create a colourful palette of sonic landscapes. By integrating an edgy string sound, Jasmin leaves an individual fingerprint on her scores.

As a musical storyteller Jasmin loves to shape her sounds, melodies and harmonies so that every score becomes a powerful and unique gesture to each movie.

Jasmin’s music is deeply influenced by the work of Stravinsky and Jóhann Jóhannsson and her chapters living abroad (e.g. Cape Town/South Africa and Boston). While studying at Berklee College of Music, she permanently exchanged, learned and played with fellow students from different cultural backgrounds and took these new sounds home to finish her studies at Filmakademie Ludwigsburg.

Ever since, Jasmin has written music for commercials and TV-openers (e.g. for ARD, ZDF, Arte, Pro7 and SWR) and composed for award-winning films such as Sunny (Germany short film award 2013), Two Mothers (Berlinale Perspektive German Cinema: DFJW – Preis Dialogue en Perspective 2013) and 24 Weeks (selected for competition at the 66th Berlinale and awarded with the German Film Awards in Silver 2017). In addition, Jasmin wrote music for Germany’s biggest crime TV show Tatort and just finished her work on the first season of the new children’s TV series Rasmus Klump.

Upcoming project: Jasmin is currently working on the upcoming feature film Kiss Me Before It Blows Up.

Picture by Ana Monte

Picture by Ana Monte

Commercial for: Pentax | Music by Jasmin Reuter

Commercial for: BMW | Music by Jasmin Reuter