eshref reybrouck

— director 

Eshref Reybrouck & Tom Waes - Undercover - Copyright Jo Voets/De Mensen

Eshref Reybrouck & Tom Waes - Undercover - Copyright Jo Voets/De Mensen


Undercover 2 (in development)
De Kennedytunnel (in development) 
J'aime la vie (in development)
Undercover 1
Cordon 2
Wat als? 
De bunker


Eshref Reybrouck (°1981) graduated as a director in 2006 from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sounds in Brussels. He started his professional career as first AD working for Belgian productions. In 2013 he directed Marsman, an 8 part series for Belgian broadcaster één, which received numerous selections at international festivals such as Prix Europa, Festival Tous Ecrans and the Potsdam International Film Festival. Marsman also won the Prix Italia for Best TV Drama and 2 awards at FIPA in Biarritz as well as several awards in Belgium. 

In 2015 Eshref directed 2 episodes for De Bunker, a Belgian crime-series. And in 2016 he shot the entire second season of Cordon, a Flemish series which received a US remake as Containment. After Cordon Eshref engaged in a different genre with multiple sketches for the comedy series What If?.

In 2017 he made his international debut directing 2 episodes of the Swedish-Belgian series Hassel, starring Ola Rapace and produced by Malte Forsell as well as shooting a new drama series Undercover for Belgian broadcaster één and will be released on Netflix. In 2018 he will be developing his first feature films J’aime la vie and De Kennedytunnel. 

Contact Agent: Marie van Innis