— screen composer & sound designer

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2018 Paradise Calling (in development)
2018 Reservoir (in post-production)


2018 Sparring Partners
2017 Iris après la Nuit
2017 Vamos
2015 La Culotte
2015 Last Train Home
2013 Lostengarden
2013 Schleierhaft


2018 Lucas Etc. Season 2 (in post-production)
2017 La Trêve Season 2
2017 Lucas Etc. Season 1
2016 EUH Season 2
2016 La Trêve Season 1 (Netflix)


2018 Die Rote Kapelle (in post-production)
2015 Vier Danach
2013 Lenin in Vogelsang                     2013 Wer ist hier verrückt?                   2012 Hope for Colombia 


Eloi Ragot (FR/BE/DE) is a Film Composer, Musician and Sound Designer best known for creating intense, sensorial and immersive soundtracks.

His recent work includes the original music for Belgian drama series La Trêve (The Break), which won the award for 'Best French-Speaking Series’ at the Series Mania Festival 2016. The show was broadcast during primetime on many channels including RTBF and France 2 and is currently also available on Netflix.
During November 2018, the Second Season of this Belgian Noir Hit series was successfully launched on RTBF before being internationally broadcast in 2019.

Self-taught pianist and guitarist, Eloi is also a classically trained trumpeter and studied musical analysis and writing. Since 2008, he has composed, arranged and produced music for over 40 films for diverse production companies and TV channels.

Next to his work for La Trêve (‘The Break’), Eloi has recently been working on several projects including short films Iris Après La Nuit & Sparring Partners and two seasons of Lucas Etc., another TV series (25x7min) produced by RTBF and Narrativ Nation. He also organised a workshop on film music for kids during the 32nd International French- Speaking Film Festival of Namur (FIFF).

As a Sound Designer, Eloi likes to combine field recording, electronic and acoustics sounds in order to create exciting soundscapes.

Eloi was selected for many artist-in-residence programs including the prestigious Berlinale Talents Programme in 2017.

Eloi Ragot lives and works between Brussels, Paris and Berlin and is fluent in French, English and German. Eloi is a member of SABAM & GEMA.

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Pictures by Arthurs H.

Pictures by Arthurs H.