BINTI — Feature Film

Binti (12) was born in Congo but has lived with her father Jovial in Belgium most of her life. They live together in a refugee squat as they don’t have any legal papers. But Binti does not let that get in the way of her big dream of being a famous vlogger, just like her idol Tatyana. 

Elias (11) has a club to help save okapi’s of which he is the sole member since his father divorced his mother Christine and left for Brazil. Elias runs away to his treehouse when annoying neighbours visit his mom...

When Binti and Jovial are running from the police who raided their home, they stumble upon Elias’ treehouse. Initially not welcomed, Binti stays with Elias, and when their parents meet, she quickly sees the perfect solution to all her problems. If she can match her dad to Elias’ mom, they can get married and stay in Belgium.

Binti joins Elias’ okapi club, and while they organise a big fundraiser, she secretly starts her plan to make Christine fall in love with Jovial. Until Elias finds out what Binti is really up to.

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 11.45.17.png

Written & directed by Frederike Migom
Produced by Bulletproof Cupid
Info: Belgium - 2019
Status: post-production

Post Bills: Press & promotion