Half a century ago, Cuba got disconnected and missed out on globalization. What supposed to be a revolution of change resulted in drastic boundary. The outside world, dissonant to revolutionary prospects became vaporous, banned from the stage and invisible. 

Now at the dawn of re-opening it's borders with the US, three veterans mix and match their personal history with a new invasion of tourists, ambassadors of a never-never land trying to get a glimpse of the remnants of the revolution. Two worlds looking at each other, longing for each other. The busses full of tourists trigger a deep longing for vanished love, time and most of all the places they have never seen. They have waited a lifetime and now, whilst the US prepares for landing, their dreams take off one last time. 

written & directed by Flo Flamme
produced by Minds Meet in coproduction with Stempel Films & Tax shelter ethique

released in Belgian theatres with the support of Docpoppies

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